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Our charming Smashing TV

Smashing TV

Weekly webinars with practical techniques and solutions. Sessions on front-end, UX, design and everything in-between. With smart cookies from the web industry. Moderated by Vitaly Friedman and Scott Whitehead. Follow @SmashingMembers for schedules, transcripts and fancy cats.

Smashing TV, a new Hollywood blockbuster, with interviews and live streams for web designers and developers.
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  • Speaking: Yuriy Artyukh
  • Date:

Power Of Shaders

Update (Tue, Mar 31): Unfortunately, the session had to be re-scheduled for Tuesday, April 7, due to technical limitations of Zoom. Sincere apologies, friends!

Today, the web is all about performance. In this live session, we’ll try to code a simple 3D terrain in a browser. Yuriy will show how to make a basic scene with the Three.js framework and how to animate it. Some shaders and noise function will be used, too. By the end of the session, you’ll learn why we actually need these shaders in the first place and what’s actually so good about them!

You’ll walk away with insights about:

  • Setup of a basic Three.js scene
  • Noise functions
  • Using Devtools to measure performance of your animation
  • Basic shader coding

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